This year's edition of IoT Global Awards is closed
Winners date: 16TH / 02 / 2024

IoT Global Awards winners

WeKnow Media Ltd, is delighted to announce the winners list of the 2024 IoT Global Awards.

In its sixth edition this year, what an impressive run it has been and we have the movers and shakers, innovators and pioneers of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry entirely to thank. Adjusting to the new business as usual post-covid, amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine and in many other lands and the implications these events naturally have had to the creation, adoption, and development of new technology has been no easy feat.

As with any past global challenges, it during these times when the greatest innovations are borne and true excellence demonstrates itself. The IoT Global Awards are delighted to alongside entrants, shortlisted candidates, judges and keen supporters from the sidelines reach the end of this years race.

“The selection of category Award Winners for this year was especially challenging. The ideas submitted were of such a nature that we, collectively as the Internet of Things industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals, owe recognition for taking ‘IoT’ from a buzzword to a cornerstone of technological advancement across various sectors, revolutionising industries with its seamless integration of connected devices, systems, and data. Life as we know it would be different without this vital contribution to society.”

Here are the 2024 IoT Global Awards Winners:

Automotive, transport & travel

Overhaul Intelligent Door Seal Solution

Overhaul logo

Big data, cloud & analytics

Kyvos Insights Kyvos Insights

Kyvos Insights logo

Connected consumer & smart home

Athom B.V. Homey Pro

Homey logo

Connected health or wearable tech

Pontosense Inc. Pontosense Silver Shield

Pontosense logo

Research & development or new launch

TRANSATEL | NTT Utmost connected SIM by Transatel


Retail, marketing & hospitality

Pushly Pushly

Pushly logo

Smart cities, government & utilities

Klika Tech Subeca - Smart and Efficient Water Utilities

Klika Tech logo

IoT Executive of the year

AddSecureStefan Albertsson, CEO at AddSecure

Stefan Albertsson, CEO at AddSecure

Start-Up, business development or ecosystem of the year

EchoStar Mobile Ltd. EchoStar Mobile for Maxxive IoT

EchoStar Mobile logo

A special thanks to our expert judging panel and media partners: Transforma InsightsIoT For AllIoT NewsIoT Business NewsIoT Worlds, and IoT Global Network.

We, at WeKnow Media Ltd, thank all who have been a part of this journey for their hard work and dedication. We are especially thankful for the continued support from our network of established IoT companies who have taken part in the competition year after year and look forward to seeing how they continue to innovate and lead with their IoT solutions.

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Maciej Szelezin

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